Redrum Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report – September 16 – 22, 2013

Hola Amigos!! The big thing to report this week is tropical storm Manuel that passed through and closed the port AGAIN for 2 days. I think it has been the worst storm season in quite some time. Please keep all the families along the coast south of us in your thoughts as there was some major devastation. We are not getting it that bad, just messin’ up our fishing!!

I am missing some reports from Monday, but I do have the Pyles who fished throughout the week! Shirley and hubby Thomas fished on Tantrum Monday Wednesday and Friday and caught tons of Dorado and 3 Striped Marlin. Shirley was super excited to release this one….PYLE-23

Tuesday we had the Abbamonte’s fishing on colleen’s Magic, they too caught Dorado and a Marlin. Sam Allport and buddies from New Zealand fished on ReelRum for the day and caught a bunch of Dorado. Carol and Tom Mccoy were with us for a couple of days as well, Tuesday and Friday, they were stormed ut Wednesday and Thursday. They caught about 14 Dorado and Carol released a Striped marlin. She’s got a nice Dorado in the photo!!MCCOY 24

The Oge boys were back with us this year and unfortunately got stormed out their scheduled 2 days, but they made it out Friday. They caught 7 Dorado. The Jauer group also rescheduled a day of fishing, but made it out on Friday aboard RumRunnin and Saturday on El Nuevo. They had a good day Friday, landing 7 Dorado, but an even better day Saturday releasing a sailfish, Striped Marlin and boating their limit in Dorado. Our buddy and veteran RedRum Angler Joe assenza and wife Karen were at it this weekend along with some friends Jason and Jessica. They too caught tons of Dorado, 1 Striped marlin the first day – Jessica’s 1st, Jason caught his 1st billfish day 2, a large Sailfish and Joe released a Marlin and Sunday they caught a mako shark and a Sailfish. GREAT weekend of fishing for these guys!!! Don’t forget the ribs when you are back in November Joe :) Chris Geggat and clan were down for a bachelor party weekend and fished aboard 3 boats Saturday, 2 1/2 day boats and 1 full day. They too caught lots of Dorado and released a Marlin.

James Morgan and crew fished on Marlin Queen Saturday. They caught a few Yellowfin Tuna, some Dorado and released a Striped Marlin. The Lomeli’s managed to get out for a 1/2 day on Sunday after having to move their trip due to some food poisoning – DO.NOT. DRINK. THE WATER…. LOL. They caught their limit in Dorado.

Sunday we had friend Kent Sommer and brother Todd on board 19′s Toy for the day they caught a bunch of Dorado. The Brydson’s and crew are here on one of our Play & Stay packages and they had a great day aboard El Nuevo, catching 15 Dorado a Yellowfin Tuna and they released a Striped marlin. Last but not leaset, we had Mike Reavis and crew on board RumRunnin for the day Sunday, they were not disappointed, catching 12 Dorado.

So, as you can see friends, the storm affects the fishing sometimes, but not THIS time! If you are in it for DOrado, you are in luck! We are catching tons! Is your trip to Cabo booked yet???

See y’all soon!


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