Red Rum Cabo Fish Report October 28 – November 4th

Red Rum Sportfishing Cabo - Torolski catchHola everyone. Well, it is almost Halloween and they are already playing Christmas music in one of my favorite stores? A little soon maybe?? Ummmm.. NEVER  Well, I hope all of you guys had a fun and safe Halloween. Here in Cabo, we just did what we normally do…..catch fish!

We had another great week this week starting out with the Trip Advisor Black & Green Tournament going on right out of our office here. These guys do a great thing for the kids in Cabo, with all proceeds from the tournament going to the Ray Thomas foundation here in Cabo. These guys are into it for the fun of the fishing and a little “healthy” competition! We had the Caboholics on the boat “Rosy” in 3rd place and team “Beer Thirty” on RedRum taking 2nd. The “Baja Borrachos” were on board El Nuevo with Captain Alex and took the win with Angler Larry Shewchuk locking in the victory catching and releasing a nice big Blue Marlin on the tournament Lure. NICE, NICE job Larry!!!

And thanks to all of you guys who come here once a year to support Cabo and take care of the kids of Cabo!! Long time RedRum angler Joe Torolski was back with us again and killed it out there on El Nuevo as well. He sent a couple of pics in of all the Marlin he released, but I had to post my favorite. You can’t help but smile when you look at it!!
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