Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 74%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 51%, Tuna 35%, Dorado 12%, Other 9%

piscesBILLFISH: Fishing was not easy this week, with some boats running up to 40 miles, though usually for tuna and still blanking out, whilst others stayed in around the 20 miles mark and did better. There was no set recipe for success an even though seventy five percent of our boats caught fish, this is not as good as we expect. It’s hard to say why, but we feel the weather is not as hot as it should be….if you are visiting you would say we are crazy, “it’s baking out there”, but we should have more tropical storms out in the Pacific; it seems they are taking a different track towards Hawaii at this time, plus we had a waxing moon all week with full moon happening the last date of this report. The sea surface temperate satellite maps tell the story too; the water is blended near Cabo with no clear temperature breaks. Nevertheless, billfish were the number one catch for Pisces anglers this week and though some boats got “skunked” others had remarkable catches. Pisces 28ft Uniflite Andrea had one of the top catches of the week on August 3rd for Jace Richards & Julia Worden from Aubrey, Texas on board.  They fished 25 miles from the 180 spot and released two blue marlin up to 210 lbs. & two striped marlin around the 100 lb. mark – the blues took lures and the stripes took live bait. This same day 31 ft.

Cabo Cabolero had a slightly larger blue at 250 lbs. that took a  Petrolero lure at the 95 spot for Peter Martine from New York, who also landed a 30 lb. dorado. We are seeing quite a lot of juvenile blue marlin; with Speedwell have a 146 lb’er die on them & a 170 lb. striped marlin that was successfully released for Jay Wiviott from Long Beach, California.  The next day out this same boat manage to release another small blue and a striped marlin at the 11.50 spot for Aubrey Pilgrim from Long View, Texas. Some unlucky anglers from Boise Idaho had a big blue on for over three hours that they struggled with, before it got off – captain J.R of the Rebecca told us the fish took a “tigrillo” lure and was just shy of 400 lbs. Speedwell must have had their blue marlin radar on this week as on August 5th, they released another smallish one, just under 200 lbs., a striped marlin & a sailfish for the Jacobson & James’s from Laguna Beach, California. Brad, Charles & Bradley Shields from Georgia, chose to go out on our 38 ft. Blackfin C Rod and were not disappointed to release a 300 lb. blue . . . .  Read the complete Pisces Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report at LosCabosGuide.com

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