JC’s Sportfishing Fish Report October 15, 2013

jcs-sportfishing-cabo-logo21JC’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report – As the Admiral Seas It.
CaboFishing Report: 10/7/13 to 10/15/13

JC Sportfishing Charters is a family owned and operated business and has been fishing in Cabo San Lucas for the past 18 years. Jerry, explains that his charter business is geared more for families and novice anglers, making sure everyone who charters a boat with him have a great time and lots of fun. We welcome families, and groups. We want everyone who fishes with us to take all the sites in and have memorable experience. This is what is most important to us. We have and do a few tournaments each year and can cater to fisherman who might be interested in tournament fishing. Lets get on with the report for this past week.

WATER: Water conditions are really good. Temperatures have been changing 3 to 5 degrees from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez side but it hasnt affected the fishing to much as fishing has been good. Yesterday we did get some rain and sometimes through out the last day we have had some pretty good down pours. This might effect the fishing and visibility of the water over next 2 to 3 days.
WEATHER: The weather has been really good up until yesterday when we started to get some rain and down pours, untill yesterday the weather has been really nice with days in ladder 80,s to low 90,s and lows at night dropping to low to mid 70,s. Today is back to normal and its partly cloudy today and clearing. Looks like what ever tropical depression we had has left us and its getting back to normal after a good rain. Looks like there is a few clouds down south but nothing major I think weather will be clear over next few days. Read the complete JC’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report at LosCabosGuide.com

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