JC’s Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report 03 Nov to 10 Nov 13

JC's Sportfishing Fleet, Cabo San LucasJC Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 11/3/13 to 11/10/13
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We would like to say were sorry for no fishing report last week as it got pretty hectic with all the fishing tournaments going on and all.

WATER: The water has been pretty nice except the days we had rain and then it got stirred up pretty good from the run off which is mostly brown from the dirt. This can effect the fishing and it did for a couple days earlier in the week we seem to be pretty much back to normal.

WEATHER: Well last Sunday we woke up to it raining and it rained pretty good most of the day then on Monday and Tuesday we had some off and on showers and it finally tapered off on Wednesday and got back to our normal sunny skies by mid week. The rain did come down pretty good on Sunday and Monday and did create a little flooding in town. Today is partially over cast this morning and pretty much cleared up by afternoon. The nights have cooled off and its turning into typical November weather here in Cabo, but it is still a little humid at night still.

BILLFISHING: The Striped Marlin are in a feeding frenzy on the Pacific side of the peninsula. Lots of Striped Marlin being caught and even some Sailfish this last week. Most of the boats have been fishing 1 to 4 miles off the beach from the Light House to San Jamie and the marlin are taking lures and live bait. The Sailfish are being caught in the same areas as the Striped Marlin. We even had one Panga land 4 Marlin on Wednesday so the Striped Marlin and Sailfish are here and were catching them.
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