Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of September 18th to 26th, 2016

As The Admiral Seas It | Stop By Our Office For Up To Date Fishing Report.

HEADLINES: It ended pretty badly i must say: it seems jc caught donald trump down on the dock after trump had flown in to marlin fish, well anyway a war of words broke out and then things got ugly. It seems jc was the one who threw the first punch, cold cocking trump. Well, trump came back with a flying drop kick which caught jc in his jaw and knocked him out for a second. Jc the rock that he is wasn’t hurt a bit, he sprang back into action and caught trump and put him in a japanese stranglehold and then flipped trump over into the chinese telephone, which wasn’t pretty at all. Trump remarkably came back and got jc in a toehold and then proceeded to put jc in a butterfly / banana split, well that pretty much hurt jc until he pulled himself together and caught trump off guard and was able to put trump into a chickenwing camel clutch in which he held him till trump managed to put jc into a three-quarter facelock.

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