Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of March 21 to March 28, 2016

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 3/21/16 to 3/28/16
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Easter and Spring Breakers Winding Down!

BoB Marlin Lands 9 Tuna: San Jamie Bank!

Tuna Back in Town!

Striped Marlin: Light House to Margarita?

Good Electronics Lands Lots of Tuna?

Dorado or Wahoo None Around!!

 Groupers From Solmar to Pumphouse!

Sierra: On Hootchies!

Triggerfish All Over the Place!

 Taking Fish Home from Cabo Info Inside ?

2 Lobster Recipes inside?


JC vows: “I Will Take Back Marlin Association Presidency”!


Chris Shouted: JC, is The Supreme Leader of Marlin !

Fish Report Boy says: JC, is a Puppet, Put in Power by the New World Marlin Order!

JamieB says: JC, is an Admiral in the Marlin World Army!

Darrel says: JC, Why That Lil Twirp Couldn’t Lead a Group of Bluebirds !

The Brits say: JC, Yea They Call Him the Neville Chamberlin of the Marlin World Army, in Other Words the the Lil Coward Couldn’t Lead a Troop Girlscouts Selling Cookies. The Clown has Been Known to Eat All the Profits !

 HEADLINES: March 28, 2015:

JC stuns community”and says”I will retake what is rightfully mine and that is  President and  the supreme leader of the world Marlin Association”!! Supreme Leader JC? He went on to say: “ive seen fire, and ive seen rain, and ive also seen a few nice Bluegills,   but the stars have aligned, and the Gods have chosen me, as their privileged child to take the throne again as President and commander in chief of the world Marlin association and its army!! Army JC? “He went on to say he was going to dispatch all his disciples to many strategic places on the globe to await further instructions and tips on Marlin Fishing”I asked him who he thought he was making a claim like this? And he said: “I hired you to write that dumb fishing report and thats all you need to know”The he said: “You are half a sandwich in this picnic, and if your not careful I will strip you of your pension”Pension? For writing the report!! Whatever JC!!
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