Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of February 21 to March 1, 2016

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 2/21/16 to 3/1/16
Stop By Our Office for up to Date Fishing Report.

Spring Break: Lots of Kids Here!!!
Billfishing Just OK?
Yellowtail at Margarita Rock Piles!
Tuna Schools Around San Jamie!
Sierras on Striped Bait and Hootchies!!!
Good Eating Pompono & Triggerfish Action!
Hotels & Airlines Running Decent Specials!!!
Inshore Fishing Just Ok!!!
2 Yellowtail Recipes Inside!!
JC says “ I Will Win on Super Tuesday?
Donald Trump Calls JC: “A Bombastic Lil Twirp”
JC Calls Trump, Rubio and Cruz Marlin Wanna Be,s”
Chris says: JC will Win Super Tuesday Marlin Primaries!
The Brits Call JC “The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of Marlin Fishing”!
JamieB say: “JC will Win Every State on Super Tuesday!”
Darrel Says: “JC is a Pinche Loco ”!

HEADLINES: March 1, 2016:
Chris walked into JC,s office, And of course the rest of the deadbeats were there: Fish Report Boy, The Brits, Darrel, JamieB.
Chris said don’t you clowns have something to do? Besides bugging JC. Don’t you know JC is an important man and don’t need you deadbeats in his office bothering him. Fish Report Boy screamed: “Look Chris, I work here but I don’t know about the rest of these clowns, I write JC,s fish report”. Chris shouted: “Why you lil spazz, you call that a fish report”, it’s the work of 7 year old school girl.


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