Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of December 7 to December 14, 2015

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 12/7/15 to 12/14/15
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Finally, Dorado Action is Hot, with 25lb to 35lbs being Caught!!
Tuna Good at San Jamie Banks on King Busters !!
Marlin Fishing Slows Big Time Last Week!!
Inshore Crazyness: Roosters and Dorados in Abundance, OH YEA!
Wahoos One here One Their?
Weather Great, Get Down Here?
Roosters and Sierra Action Unbelievably Good?
JC says: I put that Dork in The Clothesline from Hell Hold?
Fish Report Boy Laughed: Chris, Cried Cryed Like a Schoolgirl!!
Chris screamed: JC,s has so Many Wrestling Moves?
JamieB says: I Like JC,s: Over the Top Rope African Midget Suicide Dive  ?
Darrell says: One of My : Chickenwing over the Shoulder Crossface Moves and no more JC ?
The Brits say: An English Skunk Bridging Cobra Clutch and JC is Done !!

HEADLINES: December 14, 2015
JC, Chris and Fish Report Boy Involved in a bar room brawl in a seedy Cabo cantina:
JC sat at the bar and was staring into his cheap glass of Mexican beer listening to Besame Mucho on the old Phono, as he flipped his ashes from his Raligh onto the bar room floor. Chris shouted: ¨JC you seem a little down, whats wrong with you¨? JC laughed and said: ¨Chris your my best friend and you don’t know whats wrong with me¨? Its all about the MARLIN buddy. That what we are Chris!!! ¨Marlin freaks and we cant get it out of our blood¨. My life is MARLIN Chris? Are you with me Buddy? Chris lovingly responded: ¨JC my dear friend, I am with you, we are the best Marlin fisherman in Cabo and everyone knows it!!!
Fish Report Boy was a little tipsy by now and was finished scamming some old man out of 100 pesos on one of the pool tables but he was listening to JC and Chris chat. Fish Report Boy screamed: ¨Why don’t you to love birds kiss and make up, what a bunch of lies about being the best Marlin fisherman in the area, you clowns go out fishing and take a case of beer a piece and then you get into that stupid game you like to play ¨MARLIN JEOPARDY¨ Then you get mad if you don’t win JC, its all JC this JC that, im sick of hearing your name!!!
JC shouted: Pipe down you lil squirt, I rescued you from poverty in Arkansa and gave you a job, remember?
The bartender Juan had really had enough of JC ranting and raving in his dirty cantina, and told JC and his crew to get out!!
JC asked Juan if he wanted to scuffle? Well that’s all it took, Juan stood up and bitched slapped JC and knocked the little worm off his bar stool, Chris started screaming like a lil Bluebird and Fish Report Boy ran for a pool cue and was swinging like a mad man.

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