Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of April 4 to April 11, 2016

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 4/4/16 to 4/11/16
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Kite Fishing for Tuna Good, Oh Yea!

Dorado Fishing Not Happening!

Yellowtail Fishing Strong at Margaritas?

A Few Marlin off Lighthouse?

Amber Jacks Up To 40lbs!!

Sierra: On Hootchies!!!

Roosters on Live Bait: Close to Shore!

Groupers on Chunk Bait!

Taking Fish Home from Cabo Info Inside ?

Baja Sierra Ceviche Recipe. Yes Mam?


JC says: Well the Story, and Me are Being Told?

Fish Report Boy says: I will Not Print These Lies!

Chris screamed: JC, is Finally Telling His Story?

HymieB says: JC, is a Wonderful Man!

Darrell says: JC, and His Stories are Disgracful!

The Brits say: We think JC has Mad Cow Disease?



HEADLINES: April 11, 2016:JC, starred into his pilsner of cheap draft beer, while his cigarrette ashes fell on top of the bar, he was in some deep thought on his amazing life being the marlin king of Cabo, as he liked to call himself. He turned to the barmaid, and said, look señorita, do you know who I am? well do you? do you? do you? The girl behind the bar said yes, your that lil panzie that is always coming in here and crying in your beer about how Fishboy and the rest of the crew don’t respect you or realize what your accomplishments are, plus you always order cheap draft beer and don’t tip and you always bring that clown Chris with you. So, yea I know you the barmaid shouted!!!!


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