Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of April 19 to April 26, 2016

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 4/19/16 to 4/26/16
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Our Own Boats Land 8 Marlin This Week!

Striped Marlin off of San Jose on Live Bait!

Our Bob Marlin Hooks 3 Marlin in 1 Day?

Nice Wahoo Caught this Week?

Rough and Windy Conditions on Pacific!!

Sierra: On Hootchies!!!

Bottom Fishing for Grouper Pretty Good!

 Taking Fish Home from Cabo Info Inside ?

Baja Sierra Ceviche Recipe !!

JC, Reportly Head of Crime Syndicate in Cabo!

JC Shouted: Indicted For What? Me !!!

Chris Shouted: JC, Don’t Worry, I have a Lawyer?

Fish Report Boy: Yes, They Finally Got that lil Rat!

JamieB says: JC, A Marlin Kingpin, Not True!

Darrel says: JC, A Underworld Boss. LOL!

The Brits says: JC, Leader of the Marlin Mafia in Cabo!

HEADLINES: April 26, 2016:

Fish Report Boy: is reporting, that JC, the owner of JC Sportfishing who has many different aliases has been indicted on charges of being the boss of all bosses of the Marlin Mafia in Mexico. It is reported JC has ran a criminal enterprise in the Los Cabos area ranging from Marlin gambling, Marlin Extortion, Marlin Fraud, Marlin Prostitution and even a few Marlin Murders. The local authorities even threw in a few more charges stemming from JC,s days of living in Alaska and Arkansa. In Alaska JC was charged with kidnapping of 3 Alaska Halibut and a ransom demand of a case of tall 16oz Falstaffs and a carton of lucky strike cigarettes. After the ranson was met the authorities found the carcuses of the halibut in JC,s freezer and charged him also with being a cannibal.


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