Dorado catch a break

jpegEndless Season Update  August 21, 2015
REPORT #1457 “Below the Border”
Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996


IGREAT NEWS … WE DID IT! Remember we asked you to write in to the USA government to tell them not to let illegally caught dorado be imported into the United States? Well, here are the results. Well done everybody … especially Vince Radice. THANK YOU!

Dorado from Mexico is determined by NOAA and a Presidential task force on illegal unreported, unregistered pirate fishing (IUU) to be an at-risk species.

WASHINGTON— The Presidential task force on IUU, announced on Augsut 3rd, that dorado from Mexico is now officially an IUU at risk species. As a result illegal fishing operations in Mexico should no longer be allowed to export dorado into the United States of America even though it is an extremely lucrative seafood market.

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