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RedRum Cabo Fish Report, March 17 to 23, 2014

RedRum Sportfishing Weekly Cabo Fish Report, Jan 20 to 26, 2014

RedRum Sportfishing Weekly Cabo Fish Report, March 17 to 23, 2014

redrum-cabo-carsons-1st-marlinWell, spring break is in full swing in Cabo right now, with youngin’s running all around Cabo San Lucas enjoying our beautiful sunny days! And the weather has been great. Still warmer than normal for this time of year, I am thinking any of the “chilly” weather is gone and now we are just looking forward to heated summer fun!

The Marlin bite slowed a bit this week and moved more out to the Cortez side, we had most of our catches by the “Herradura” and the 95 bank. Ann Duncan and her son Carson fished for two days with us, seeking Carson’s first ever Billfish. He finally got his wish day 2, reeling in a really nice one, could his smile get any bigger?!!!! Great job Carson!

We also caught a couple of Mako shark, one so large they had to cut the line, I promise it looked like the head of jaws in the photo! Really cool to see.

Inshore was a little slow this week as well, but the Roosterfish were back around. RedRum veteran angler Mark Gastineau and his crew caught 2 Roosterfsih and a Spanish Mackerel. We had a few more multiple Roosterfish catches on the inshore, but other than that, it was mostly Spanish Mackerel, Bonita and Triggerfish.  Read the complete RedRum Cabo Fish Report at

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RedRum Cabo Fish Report Jan 20 to 26, 2014

RedRum Sportfishing Weekly Cabo Fish Report, Jan 20 to 26, 2014

What a beautiful week it has been here in Cabo San Lucas. Still a little warmer than normal for this time of year, but the water temp did drop a few degrees this week. The fishing seemed to be better at the beginning of the week then tapered a bit over the redr

We were still catching Striped Marlin if you were looking, which the Leifheits sure were. It seems everytime they come they ALWAYS release a Marlin. They have the Marlin bug! This trip they were out with both Jesus’s again on RumRunnin. Day one they did release a nice Striped Marlin around 200 lbs and they also caught 6 Dorado. Some of which were released. Day 2 they were back at it, looking for some Yellowfin, they found the pods of Porpoise and went to it, catching 21 in all, most of which were released along with another Striped Marlin they released on the way back to the marina. These guys always slay it out there!
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RedRum Cabo Fish Report Nov 11 to 17, 2013

RedRum Sportfishing Weekly Cabo Fish Report, Nov 11 to 17, 2013

dorado tantrum dole RedRum caboThe fishing does seemed to have slowed a bit this week, especially this weekend as we had a couple of boats come back empty, but not everybody! The Striped Marlin bite was hot this week, so those looking for their bucket list catch did not come back disappointed!

Our friend Kaye Peters along with Dad Jerry and Cordelia fished on board RedRum with other friends David and Lisa. They had a pretty slow first two days out there, they caught a Dorado each day, but that last day, Tuesday, I did the “Marlin dance” for them and they released 4 Striped Marlin in all! They also boated a nice sized Dorado. I’m gonna have to patent my dance and charge for it in the future.

Another excited group were the Nord’s who also released 3 Striped Marlin, that was one per person and they boated 5 Dorado. The Erikson group also released 3 Striped Marlin. Michelle and Shawn Dole along with Kim and Matt Boutott fished on Tantrum and slayed it out there, catching 4 Striped Marlin and 3 Dorado. Check out the happy anglers!
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Red Rum Cabo Fish Report October 28 – November 4th

Red Rum Sportfishing Cabo - Torolski catchHola everyone. Well, it is almost Halloween and they are already playing Christmas music in one of my favorite stores? A little soon maybe?? Ummmm.. NEVER  Well, I hope all of you guys had a fun and safe Halloween. Here in Cabo, we just did what we normally do…..catch fish!

We had another great week this week starting out with the Trip Advisor Black & Green Tournament going on right out of our office here. These guys do a great thing for the kids in Cabo, with all proceeds from the tournament going to the Ray Thomas foundation here in Cabo. These guys are into it for the fun of the fishing and a little “healthy” competition! We had the Caboholics on the boat “Rosy” in 3rd place and team “Beer Thirty” on RedRum taking 2nd. The “Baja Borrachos” were on board El Nuevo with Captain Alex and took the win with Angler Larry Shewchuk locking in the victory catching and releasing a nice big Blue Marlin on the tournament Lure. NICE, NICE job Larry!!!

And thanks to all of you guys who come here once a year to support Cabo and take care of the kids of Cabo!! Long time RedRum angler Joe Torolski was back with us again and killed it out there on El Nuevo as well. He sent a couple of pics in of all the Marlin he released, but I had to post my favorite. You can’t help but smile when you look at it!!
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Redrum Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report – Sept 30-Oct 6, 2013

October is FINALLY here my friends! This is the best month to fish in Cabo, so they say and we would have to agree!! Especially if you are looking to hook a Dorado right now! This is tournament season. Look for updates this month for the Los Cabos Billfish, Los cabos Offshore and the Bisbee Black & Blue. All the action starts on the 15th!

Tara Ornelas caught a NICE 200 lb Striped marlin which she released after the photo was taken, and 12 Dorado.

Monday was definitely the day for Marlin, in all we released 12 and even one nice sized Blue marlin.Ornelas

Most of our boats were successful this week unless they went out looking for those elusive Yellowfin Tuna. If you want to risk it, you MIGHT end up having some luck…. Like Mary Hanley and her crew who fished on Tuesday aboard El Nuevo. They had an amazing day after they zeroed in on a school of porpoise and landed 13 Yellowfin, they also caught 16 Dorado, most of which were released and 10 SkipJack. Now, that was catching, not FISHING :) cdc

Marna Sikes, Cedric and the Pardikes were back at this week after having gotten shut out previously. They did catch some nice Dorado this time!

It was a nice 1/2 day trip for Ryan Pinney and pal Jonathan on Wednesday as they released a Striped marlin on tantrum with Captain Juan and Mate Salvador.

Thursday we had several more Striped Marlin Caught and released and Cindy Justus and her crew fishing with us in from their local CCA chapter had a good day catching some Dorado, they even caught a really nice 50 incher. They also fished Saturday and caught some more Dorado.

Patrick Farley and his gang was back with us and fished three days on 4 boats. They had most luck with the Dorado and released a couple of Striped marlin as well. Armando Trujillo and his crew deserve an honorable mention as well, releasing 2 Sailfish and catching 8 Dorado.

The fish of the week award goes to Andrea Privratsky who caught a 230lb Yellowfin Tuna that was 72″ and took her about 45 minutes to reel in… NICE, she promised to send in a photo….and she did!Privratsky Tuna23

It has been a GREAT week folks. If you have never fished in Cabo in October, it is a great time to start planning your trip for next year!

Thanks for reading!

Tiffany :)

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Redrum Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report – Sept 23-29, 2013

Hola my friends!! I did not want to leave you guys hanging on what went on this week out there. I will get more detailed on this report tomorrow, just wanted you guys coming in this week to know what was going on out there!

We have been catching TONS of Dorado out there this week, some boats, that is all they caught, but all boats caught this week, except for one boat on Sunday, no idea WHAT happened there, except maybe they told me later that they took bananas with them on the boat….. Uhoh…..

Now we can not forget to talk about the Finnegan crew, who fishes each year for several days on several boats. This year they blew it out of the water catching a total of 3 Stripe Marlin, 3 Sailfish. a 50lb Wahoo, a Yellowfin Tuna and WAY too many Dorado to count! Check out the smiles from Brian, Drew and John Dolan at our famous “Arch”….


Anyway, we are still catching Stiped Marlin, caught quite a few Sailfish this week as well. Not near as many Billfish as Dorado though and we did not catch any Blues this week either.

Andrew Queral and his buddy Doug fished a couple of days this week, caught a nice Sail and 14 Dorado the first day, check out that nice Dorado!Andrew Queral And Rebecca day 2 caught her first ever ocean fish and she was a beaut! Rebecca

There were also some Wahoo boated, those are always good eating!

Thanks for Reading!


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