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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, April 01, 2014

Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report  April 01, 2014

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a-300x138Beginning with awesome weather we have been thrilled to welcome aboard some Return VIP Guests as well as the chance to work with some New VIP Guests. All of our crews are delighted they are given the opportunity, knowing there are many choices – and that you’ve selected us, and them, to take you on your excursion, we ALL are sincerely grateful.

WHALES, WHALES, WHALES!  They are everywhere! So guests are reporting seeing them on the Pacific Side as well as Sea of Cortez. Lots of them and we never tire of seeing them. Please remember our captains will not get close enough for you to touch them and ask that ALL captains remember to maintain respectful distance from the mamas and their calves.

OK so we’ve got a whole lotta fishing going on . WHO is catching and WHAT are they catching?

First of all — Springtime is tricky .. some days are awesome and other days are frustrating .. Remember its the temperature breaks, and schools of bait, that what you are hunting are following. And this year we are doubly challenged by what appears to be El Nino conditions, which essentially means warmer waters, closer in, earlier than ‘usual’. But, since our two bodies of water that meet exactly here at “Lands End” are moving in opposite directions, its hard/impossible to accurately predict where to go.
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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, February 12, 2014

Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report February 12, 2014cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a-300x1384

February 12, 2014 – Great weather – warm and lots of sunshine. So happy to welcome travelers from all around the USA this week – lots of last minute travelers escaping the frigid cold back home!


OK so its important to point out that the boats finding the Tuna are making a good run out – up to 30 miles out.
We don’t send single engine boats out more than around 5 miles from shore .. Single engine boats have enough horsepower to get their speed to 10-15 knots. To travel 10 miles that’s a good one hour run. And your time aboard includes travel distance to and fro.

The fish you are hunting do not wear calendars nor watches (!) They don’t pay attention when we change our clocks for daylight savings time (!!) They are following schools of bait (big underwater fish chain) and temperature breaks. That’s why we can find ‘offshore species’ inshore. But ‘inshore species’ will not be find far from home. They live in and amongst our rocky shoreline. They venture out to feed/breed and that’s when you catch them!
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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, November 14, 2013

Good morning! November 14 2013
Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report November 09 to 14, 2013

November 14, 2013 – OK here we go! This report will also encompass some reports for guests we didn’t get the chance to report on – thanks for those gentle reminders – and we love PHOTOS!!!  Return VIP Guests Jim & Kathleen Forsythe visiting from Clovis, California fished two days – Oct 31 Day one aboard one of our 31′ Bertram with Capt Enrique – Jim wanted Marlin & Tuna and that’s what they got! Nov 1 Day two Jim fished solo on one of our pangas with Capt Justo – he wanted Roosters and again – success! Please see VIP Guest Letter and Excellent Photos.

Return VIP Guest Jerry “Wojo” and his gal Dale and their sons fished two days with on our 33′ Blackfin Combi. Lots of great time and great bounty for his wonderful group including Sam and Brendan both 14 year old boys. Please see the Awesome VIP Guest Photos and Letter

Fishing with are first time Cabo visitors and VIP Guests from Beaumont, Texas – Newlyweds Scott & Gina Browne along with their friend Ryan Gertz – on Nov 5th they were out on our 31′ Cabo Express and had great success with Dorado & Striped Marlin. Photos will be proudly posted on our site shortly. With a big thank you and shout out to Stuart & Beth Yoes of Beaumont, Texas too ..
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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, October 27, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a-300x1384Good morning! October 27, 2013
Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report October 16 to 27, 2013

I am preparing a summary to cover and include all VIP Guests catch results from Oct 5 thru Oct 26th. and life and new business continues to take priority position, that’s why we love posting photos, and they are forever viewable on our VIP Guest Photos pages. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

And, to address the question received via numerous emails and a few calls: From time to time the decision is made to remove/add boat/s from/to our representation. This decision is made based upon numerous factors:

(1) VIP Guest Feedback – that’s why we ask you to let us know how your trip went – we want to hear the good, the bad, the outstanding, the specifics from your perspective.
(2) Tommy periodically inspects boats/tackle/gear.
(3) Changes in vessel ownership. Ever since we began representing other vessels, arranging charters for them, in addition to the boats we personally owned 100% (35′ Bertram CABO MAGIC® and 31′ CABO MAGIC® Dos), the owner and we must be on the same page when it comes to how we conduct business. That isn’t to say there are different techniques and ideas, however, we are diligent in our procedures in order to ensure a unique CABO MAGIC® experience for all VIP Guests.
(4) Crew changes. Tommy used to be the decision maker for crew selection, and is still involved in the process. However, there are some owners who insist on running their ship their own way. Sometimes, a Captain decides to ‘jump ship’ and begin to work on another vessel, and that also influences our decision to represent that particular vessel, or not.

Overall, we are grateful for your interest in how/what/why we conduct our business – 15 years is a long time, even though it feels just like yesterday when we bought the first “CABO MAGIC®”.

Tight lines, blue skies and blue water. Fresh fish and fresh air. Mother Nature and Neptune dancing a waltz, or tango, or pasa doble – is a beautiful thing.

Thanks again for your business – everyone associated with CABO MAGIC® is sincerely grateful for the opportunity to welcome you aboard.  Read the complete Cabo Magic Fish Report at

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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, October 5, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2aSummary Report for the Day, October 5, 2013.

Marching to their own beat our 37′ Bertram continues its incredible on the water results welcoming aboard NEWLYWEDS on their honeymoon CLAYTON & SANDRA MOSES visiting from ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. Their bounty: 2 MARLIN REYADO released + 2 DORADO + 3 WAHOO .. lots of good eating all around! All best wishes for a lifetime of magic love and happiness. See VIP Guest Photos courtesy of Capt Franky ..

A good day on the water for Return VIP Guests JOHN & DEBBIE DUNNAM visiting from GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS with 6 DORADO boated fishing aboard our 31′ Blackfin with Capt Luis today.

Visiting from Scottsdale, AZ we welcomed Dr. Bruce aboard our 31′ Cabo Express w/Capt Luis – Dr Bruce fished solo today and boated 2 DORADO. Delicious!

Fishing aboard our 38′ Chris Craft are the Bachelorette Party VIP Guests Whitney “The Bride” Mystie “Maid of Honor and bridesmaids Nicole, Erica, Danielle, Kim, Estelle, and Karen visiting from various Southern California cities. Whitney is getting married Oct 12th at Saddlepeak Lodge in Calabasas, California. The ladies preferred more sightseeing to action but they did take turns reeling in 3 nice sized DORADO.

Fishing with us aboard our 31′ Bertram are Return VIP Guests Nick & Nancie Miller visiting from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma celebrating their 4th Wedding Anniversary – what a way to do this: CR&R 12 MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) + 2 DORADO – yes that is twelve all released.

Our pangero has great suerte! That’s why he’s booked so much. Fishing with us on Thurs is VIP Guest Bill Spiteri who fished earlier this week with his wife Marge on our 28′ with a great day – and with Capt Justo they CR&R 3 MARLIN REYADO – Fantastic two days of fishing catching and releasing!

VIP guests Jim & Kathleen visiting from Eugene, Oregon with friends Gil & Kym from Cottage Grove fished “Guys against the Girls” aboard our 33′ Blackfin put these results on the board: Guys CR&R 2 MARLIN REYADO + 1 PEZ BELLA + 1 DORADO Girls CR&R 1 MARLIN REYADO + 3 DORADO – All winners!

Aboard our 68′ Luxury Yacht were VIP guests visiting from Lake Forest, Illinois – Stan & Roslyn hosted ten of their close friends for a day and evening of fresh air, sunshine, fishing & catching, eating & drinking, dancing and other frivolities to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the day they said “I do”. The group boated more than a dozen DORADO and 2 YELLOWFIN TUNA.

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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, Sep 23-Oct 2, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2aCatch Report – Sept 23rd thru and including October 2nd

Yowzer Yowzer Yowzer ..
So much catching going on ..

Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience as we give priority to posting VIP Guest Photos and Letters and new VIP Guest charter arrangements done … but promise the report is being worked on now!

Meanwhile if you are looking HERE for a report, please click on VIP Guest Photos where the pictures tell more than a thousand written words by me!! Lori Garcia

Anniversary and Birthday Shout Outs!
Happy 45th Birthday to good friend Marie Salazar in Irvine, CA who will be fishing on Oct 4th to celebrate!

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to new friends and VIP Guests Chuck & Bobbi Palmer from Carmel, California, who celebrated & fished with us on Sept 24/26/28 – fishing on our 31 Cabo Express with some pretty impressive bounty totals: CR&R 18 MARLIN REYADO) Striped Marlin (yes that is eighteen) + CR&R 1 MARLIN AZUL (Blue Marlin) + 2 PEZ BELLA (Pacific Sailfish) released + 6 Dorado boated (another 20 released) + 2 Yellowfin Tuna 60-80# Class – “Retirement is good!”

Sept 25/27 – New VIP Guests Steve Ulaki & Crystal Bare visiting from Charleston, West Virgina fished aboard ou 37′ Bertram w/Capt Franky – their impressive two day bounty totals include: CR&R 1 MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) + 3 PEZ BELLA (Pacific Sailfish) released + 2 Dorado + 1 Yellowfin Tuna – please see VIP Guest Photos courtesy of Capt Franky

Sept 23rd aboard our 60′ Hatteras 10 DORADO + 1 WAHOO + 1 YELLOWFIN TUNA was the bounty for New VIP Guests visting from Lacey, Washington Mike Mattox, Aaron Beeson ,Nick Mattox , Derek Watson, Bernard Rojano, Anthony Hemstad, Robert Divine, Stacy Divine and Sharla Cameron –

Fishing with us on Sept 30th aboard our 28′ Cruiser, visiting from San Bruno, California VIP Guests Bill & Marge Spiteri loaded up the fishbox with 10 DORADO + 1 MARLIN REYADO released + 1 PEZ BELLA (Pacific Sailfish) also released. Bill was also fishing again today (Thurs Oct 3rd) with us on our panga with Capt Justo. Will post that report as soon as I get it!
Please see VIP Guest Letter

Travelling all the way from Wahroonga Australia, we welcomed new VIP Guests Dave Brodie, Matt Bordie and Nathan Jones aboard our 33′ Blackfin Combi and their bounty included “Bucket List” item MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) + many DORADO – delicious! Please see VIP Guest Letter

Visiting for the 6th time and fishing with us for the 12th time (yup 2 times each trip!) are Return VIP Guests Mike & Terry Kelly celebrating their 19th Wedding Anniversary. Their 2 day bounty totals: CR&R 4 MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) + 2 PEZ BELLA (Pacific Sailfish) + 4 DORADO fishing with us on our 31′ Blackfin

Visiting from Jackson, Mississippi are VIP Guests and a great group of 12 Doctors – specialists in Endocrinology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Urology – fishing with us Sun/Tues/Thurs
and have these great results: CR&R 16 MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) + 2 MARLIN AZUL (Blue Marlin) released + 4 PEZ BELLA (Pacific Sailfish) + 14 Dorado + 1 Wahoo


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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, September 24, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a Weekly  Summary Sept 23, 2013 – Tournament Charter.

This late in the calendar — and —- so close to the events most (as in best/better) vessels with skilled crews are already chartered for the events they will participate in .. some of our owners and/or captains will not and we wont force them to ..

We now have a 31′ Cabo Express that is new to CSL charter available for all tournaments .. the captain however has mucho experience as a 3rd generation cappy ..

Any interest in charter please contact Lori.

USA tollfree 888 475 5337
Worldwide Vonage 619 819 8634


Cabo Magic Sportfishing at

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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, September 23, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a Weekly  Summary Sept 23, 2013 – Trademark Anniversary Special.

Its Our Trademark Anniversary!!

Celebrate With Us ~ ~ Fish With Us

On YOUR Anniversary Or Birthday

We Will Include Your Food and Beverages

Contact Lori for details

On New Charters as of Sept 23


Cabo Magic Sportfishing at

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Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, September 22, 2013

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a Weekly  Summary Sept 15-22, 2013 – Exceptional results for all VIP Guests.

Early in the week, New VIP Guests Paul Barry, Karin Barry, Anne Makins and Jim Makins spent the day aboard our 34′ Crystalliner and boated 2 nice Dorado + a 70# Wahoo – an awesome day!

Return VIP Guests James & Shara Green visiting from San Antonio, TX & fished 2 days with us on our 34′ Topaz with Capt Manny and their results are incredible: 2 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) released + 3 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) released + 8 YELLOWFIN TUNA + 12 DORADO.

Losing count of how many MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) have been CR&R is a ridiculous great problem to have! Tony, Dwayne & Stacie, James, Chris, Alan, Nick, Marc, David, Steve, Stan, Dennis, Meredith, Christie, Jayne, Jen, Will & Stef, Harry & Shirley,

Lost Counts of how many Dorado boated is another common problem! Many guests are getting their fill of these delectable fish and having many pounds frozen to bring back home with them to have a “Fiesta” and tell Fish Stories – showing pictures too!

Not seeing much in the way of PARGO (Snapper) but our pangero captain says any minute now we should start catching them! Anyone else enjoy eating huachinango as much as Tommy does?

The underwater food chain is telling great stories right now. The Blues and Blacks are out there – some fishermen, fisherwoman captains and mates who are superstitious don’t want to find those right now because they want anglers participating in the upcoming tournaments to! by the way we have a few excellent vessels available for tournaments – interested?

Call Lori Toll-free 888-475-5337 or Vonage 619-819-8634 (like calling a number in the USA)

Cabo Magic Sportfishing at

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Cabo Magic Sportfishing – Weekly Fish Report, September 12, 2013

Date: 9/12/2013
Boat: 36′ Albemarle

First boat out and first boat back today …

VIP Guests welcomed aboard today are visiting from Magnolia, Texas — Duane & Elaine Samford, Glen & Karla Redmon, and Keith & Peggy Goolsby

Their bounty today included CR&R 3 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) and they boated “a couple of dorado” …
Duane Samford
Drilling Tools & Remedial

Date: 9/12/2013
Charter Share Available

SHARE AVAILABLE on Monday September 30th

Fish with Bill & Marge – young at heart husband and wife from San Bruno, California

Full Day aboard single engine 28′ Cruiser

$225 per couple + live bait + crew gratuity

If interested, please contact the office.

SHARE AVAILABLE on Oct 30th or 31st
Fish with D. Reed, retired (young) real estate developer from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Full Day aboard single engine 28′ Cruiser

If there are two of you, its $225 per person.

If there are three of you its $150 per person.
If there are four of you its $125 per person

If you are interested, please contact the office.

Date: 9/11/2013
Summary Report Sept 1-10

We remember … We honor … We will never, ever, ever forget.


When Mother Nature and Neptune dance the waltz its a beautiful thing in Cabo San Lucas!

This is the time of year – calendar-wise – when all the elements work together to create incredible bounties for all fishermen, fisherwomen and their cheerleaders!

This ten day summary report includes bounties of MARLIN AZUL (Blue Marlin – George Berse) MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) – Tony Schiber, Jason & Elizabeth Easter, Nash & Ramie, David & Cheryl Rand, Phil & Pamela Brown, Russ & Alyssa Kelly, Kevin Schwartz, Nick Polenski, Skip (Happy 58th bday) , Tony Noelle, Eric & Janet Jackson, Peter, Roger, KNIGHT Transportation, Harley Davidson, Lotus Broadcasting, Union Pacific, Andy & Michelle, Chris, Dennis, Ozzie, Dennis & Stacey, Richard & Brittney, Kurt & Shelby, Cort & Melissa, Trey & Vanya, Curt, Jerry, Pete, Eddie, Craig & Leslie, Dr. Stuart, John & Wendy (Happy 18th Anniv) Steve, John, Chris, Duane, David, Todd, Cam & Angelina, Benny & Brenda, Mick & Kelcey, Doug & Stephanie, Steven & Teri, Raoul, Michael, Bobby, Jack, Dishan & Liz, Matt & Caroline

Lots of DORADO – check out the pix ..
A couple of Fat WAHOO
PEZ GALLO (Roosterfish)

We simply cant say GRACIAS – THANK YOU enough for the continued support and patronization by RETURN and NEW VIP GUESTS.

All of us sincerely appreciate your business as we know you have many choices now .. not like the early days when it was Pisces or Picante or CABO MAGIC and a couple of struggling locals with boats held together with bandaids, shoelaces and gum.

The BOYZ (all crews) depend on us to put guests aboard to make their magic .. literally. Lori does her thing by asking lots of questions to ensure she is making appropriate charter arrangements for each guest.

As we near the beginning of the October 2013 Tournament commencement, we want to say we have a few boats remaining available for all events – Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament, Bisbees Offshore, and the Western Outdoor News Tournament. We are proud to be part of these events for the 15th consecutive year.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Please enjoy VIP Guest Letters and Photos – the photos are extraordinary and capture millions of memories!

Cabo Magic Sportfishing at
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