Cabo Magic Weekly Fish Report September 4, 2013

Cabo Magic Sportfishing
Weekly Team Summary September 4, 2013
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Report summery

Nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL catching going on .. as is always what happens this time of year when a tropical system/storm affects the waters .. lots of flotsam where bait fish hide and where there’s ‘carnada’ the underwater food chain flourishes!

Dorado – REALLY BIG DORADO and lots of WAHOO too .. YELLOWFIN TUNA are coming in and with all these ‘smaller’ game fish come the MARLIN .. BLACK and BLUE follow their prey in .. A couple of WAHOO to round out the table!

VIP Guest Shout Outs to:
Grandpa George Berse – Fischers, Indiana – day one of four – see VIP Guest Photos
Rodney Reed – Montrose CO .. saying prayers for your boy ..
Hank & Mary Armstrong from Hurst, Texas
Bomberro Kevin Kuhn and his craaazy group from San Francisco
Corey & Dorelen Rasor, and Chris & Jessica Rasor from Amarillo, TX
Darryl & Brittney Griffin celebrating Anniversary #8
Mike & Lydia Cooper – Las Vegas, NV
Chef Neal and friends visiting from Mendocino, CA
Dr. John Nicholas – Peterborough, New Hampshire
Stan & Stephanie Moore – Henderson, NV
Jeremy, Greg, Jerry, Boris – “Cast In The House!”
Jen & Justin, Jason & Amanda
Newlyweds on their honeymoon! Kyle & Krystal


Catching Summary

Quickie VIP Guests report on the run …. late for a dinner meeting with the boss and a few others ..

Celebrating their anniversary Jason & Elizabeth visiting from Jourdanton, Texas earned their bragging rights – Days bounty: 1 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) + 4 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) + 12 Dorado .. see VIP Guest Letter & Photo

George making granddaughter happy – day two on our 33′ Blackfin Combi – mucho Dorado – lost count .. was it 20 or was it 25 ? .. oh yeah!

On day two of two on our 34′ Topaz VIP Guests John Fields, Philip Chrisitanson and Burt Kellogg visiting from Cedar Rapids .. today they boated 15 Dorado + 4 Yellowfin Tuna .. On Monday they CR&R 6 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) and boated a fat wahoo.

Back on our 37′ Bertram Return VIP Guests from the bay area who ask us not to post their names finished their 3 days of fishing with the following impressive counts: 1 Marlin Azul (Blue Marlin) + 8 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) + 1 Pez Bella (Pacific Sailfish) + 3 Yellowfin Tuna (including one estimated to be 200#) + 14 Dorado + 1 fat wahoo.

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