Cabo Magic Sportfishing – Weekly Fish Report, September 12, 2013

Date: 9/12/2013
Boat: 36′ Albemarle

First boat out and first boat back today …

VIP Guests welcomed aboard today are visiting from Magnolia, Texas — Duane & Elaine Samford, Glen & Karla Redmon, and Keith & Peggy Goolsby

Their bounty today included CR&R 3 Marlin Reyado (Striped Marlin) and they boated “a couple of dorado” …
Duane Samford
Drilling Tools & Remedial

Date: 9/12/2013
Charter Share Available

SHARE AVAILABLE on Monday September 30th

Fish with Bill & Marge – young at heart husband and wife from San Bruno, California

Full Day aboard single engine 28′ Cruiser

$225 per couple + live bait + crew gratuity

If interested, please contact the office.

SHARE AVAILABLE on Oct 30th or 31st
Fish with D. Reed, retired (young) real estate developer from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Full Day aboard single engine 28′ Cruiser

If there are two of you, its $225 per person.

If there are three of you its $150 per person.
If there are four of you its $125 per person

If you are interested, please contact the office.

Date: 9/11/2013
Summary Report Sept 1-10

We remember … We honor … We will never, ever, ever forget.


When Mother Nature and Neptune dance the waltz its a beautiful thing in Cabo San Lucas!

This is the time of year – calendar-wise – when all the elements work together to create incredible bounties for all fishermen, fisherwomen and their cheerleaders!

This ten day summary report includes bounties of MARLIN AZUL (Blue Marlin – George Berse) MARLIN REYADO (Striped Marlin) – Tony Schiber, Jason & Elizabeth Easter, Nash & Ramie, David & Cheryl Rand, Phil & Pamela Brown, Russ & Alyssa Kelly, Kevin Schwartz, Nick Polenski, Skip (Happy 58th bday) , Tony Noelle, Eric & Janet Jackson, Peter, Roger, KNIGHT Transportation, Harley Davidson, Lotus Broadcasting, Union Pacific, Andy & Michelle, Chris, Dennis, Ozzie, Dennis & Stacey, Richard & Brittney, Kurt & Shelby, Cort & Melissa, Trey & Vanya, Curt, Jerry, Pete, Eddie, Craig & Leslie, Dr. Stuart, John & Wendy (Happy 18th Anniv) Steve, John, Chris, Duane, David, Todd, Cam & Angelina, Benny & Brenda, Mick & Kelcey, Doug & Stephanie, Steven & Teri, Raoul, Michael, Bobby, Jack, Dishan & Liz, Matt & Caroline

Lots of DORADO – check out the pix ..
A couple of Fat WAHOO
PEZ GALLO (Roosterfish)

We simply cant say GRACIAS – THANK YOU enough for the continued support and patronization by RETURN and NEW VIP GUESTS.

All of us sincerely appreciate your business as we know you have many choices now .. not like the early days when it was Pisces or Picante or CABO MAGIC and a couple of struggling locals with boats held together with bandaids, shoelaces and gum.

The BOYZ (all crews) depend on us to put guests aboard to make their magic .. literally. Lori does her thing by asking lots of questions to ensure she is making appropriate charter arrangements for each guest.

As we near the beginning of the October 2013 Tournament commencement, we want to say we have a few boats remaining available for all events – Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament, Bisbees Offshore, and the Western Outdoor News Tournament. We are proud to be part of these events for the 15th consecutive year.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Please enjoy VIP Guest Letters and Photos – the photos are extraordinary and capture millions of memories!

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