Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, February 12, 2014

Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report February 12, 2014cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a-300x1384

February 12, 2014 – Great weather – warm and lots of sunshine. So happy to welcome travelers from all around the USA this week – lots of last minute travelers escaping the frigid cold back home!


OK so its important to point out that the boats finding the Tuna are making a good run out – up to 30 miles out.
We don’t send single engine boats out more than around 5 miles from shore .. Single engine boats have enough horsepower to get their speed to 10-15 knots. To travel 10 miles that’s a good one hour run. And your time aboard includes travel distance to and fro.

The fish you are hunting do not wear calendars nor watches (!) They don’t pay attention when we change our clocks for daylight savings time (!!) They are following schools of bait (big underwater fish chain) and temperature breaks. That’s why we can find ‘offshore species’ inshore. But ‘inshore species’ will not be find far from home. They live in and amongst our rocky shoreline. They venture out to feed/breed and that’s when you catch them!
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