Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, April 01, 2014

Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report  April 01, 2014

cabo-magic-sportfishing-2a-300x138Beginning with awesome weather we have been thrilled to welcome aboard some Return VIP Guests as well as the chance to work with some New VIP Guests. All of our crews are delighted they are given the opportunity, knowing there are many choices – and that you’ve selected us, and them, to take you on your excursion, we ALL are sincerely grateful.

WHALES, WHALES, WHALES!  They are everywhere! So guests are reporting seeing them on the Pacific Side as well as Sea of Cortez. Lots of them and we never tire of seeing them. Please remember our captains will not get close enough for you to touch them and ask that ALL captains remember to maintain respectful distance from the mamas and their calves.

OK so we’ve got a whole lotta fishing going on . WHO is catching and WHAT are they catching?

First of all — Springtime is tricky .. some days are awesome and other days are frustrating .. Remember its the temperature breaks, and schools of bait, that what you are hunting are following. And this year we are doubly challenged by what appears to be El Nino conditions, which essentially means warmer waters, closer in, earlier than ‘usual’. But, since our two bodies of water that meet exactly here at “Lands End” are moving in opposite directions, its hard/impossible to accurately predict where to go.
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