Cabo Fish Report May 19 to 25, 2015

Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report
May 19 – 25, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Finally! We have been sitting here with our fingers crossed for the past several months waiting for the fishing in Cabo San Lucas to improve, and this week it finally happened! From Striped Marlin to Wahoo, the fishing has improved so much that I have a hard time containing my excitement. Take a few minutes and check out the details below!

WEATHER: Truly a beautiful week in Cabo San Lucas as our early morning temps were in the low 70’s with daytime highs in the mid to high 80’s. How could it be any better? Well, give us occasional partly cloudy skies, light morning breezes, clear blue water and clean white sand and it’s what I imagine heaven to be like. I don’t know what your weather is like at home (unless you are from Texas or Oklahoma, and then I just feel sorry for you), but I would bet it is much better here!

WATER: As you continue to read the rest of the Cabo Fish Report I think you may find the reasons for the massively improved fishing here in the water section. Not so much in the water temperatures, as they have changed only a little, but in the currents, and I will get to that in a minute. First, the water temperatures on the Pacific side of the Cape have continued with little change, with water close to the Cape at 71-72 degrees and water farther north, from the Golden Gate Banks to the inside off of Los Arcos at 72-73. degrees.

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