Cabo Fish Report June 30 to July 06, 2015

Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report
June 30 – July 6, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Fair for Blue Marlin, good for Striped Marlin, fair for Yellowfin Tuna, slow for Dorado, slow Wahoo and fair for Roosterfish. A little different from last week, but not much, and most of that is due to windy conditions late in the week. See details below.

WEATHER: This morning had the lowest temperature I saw this week at the thermometer in the truck read 77 degrees at 5 am as I drove the pup to the beach for an early morning swim. Most of the week we had readings in the 80s, ranging from 82 to 86 at 5 am. Daytime highs almost reached 100 several afternoons, but the mercury managed to stop at 98 degrees. We did have a bit of cloud cover move in on us Friday afternoon and had overcast skies with some light rain on Saturday morning, just a bit more than sprinkles on shore with some heavier water dropping offshore. This was just a quickly passing event as the cloud dissapeared Saturday afternoon. Winds were mainly from the northwest during the week with breezes picking up a bit by 11am and really kicking in by 2pm from Wednesday on. Occasionaly early mornings had a slight breeze from the southwest, but it always died off quickly. We generaly get three or four days of wind followed by three or four days with just a light breeze, so my fingers are crossed that this week will be better, I am going out Wednesday and Friday and have my toes crossed as well!

WATER: The coolest area around this week was the area around the Golden Gate Bank with an average reading of 76 degrees. The area around the San Jaime Banks was a bit warmer, shifting from 80 to 82 degrees and then back as the currents moved the surface water around.

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