Cabo Fish Report June 02 to 09, 2015

Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report
June 2 – 9, 2015

SYNOPSIS: I am a day late with the report and have no excuse! A very short recovery period after our brush with Tropical Storm Blanca resulted in a party and I just did not get around to it. In brief, we came through the experience well with expected winds, lighter than expected rains, all good stuff. The port was closed until yesterday (Monday the 8th) when it was re-opened at noon. A few boats went out trying to see if they could find fish, but with little to show in the way of results. It did not help that there was no live bait available and the trips did not start until the afternoon and were short because of that. Lets keep our fingers crossed that today they will find the fish! For information on the fishing last week, check below.

WEATHER: It was a beautiful morning at 6 am today with the temperature at 76 degrees and a very light breeze, about as wonderful of a morning as you could want, and a nice end to our brush with Blanca. Our week started warm and humid with very little if any wind as the storm approached. The first of the clouds started to move in on Friday afternoon and by Saturday we had a good covering, but still no wind. Sunday we started to feel a sprinkle or two early, then by early afternoon we had some good rain. From around 5 PM until 1 AM we had some steady winds of Tropical Storm strength with gusts to around 70mph, but not the rains we had expected. Yesterday dawned slightly cloudy with no wind and the skies cleared as the day went on.

WATER: There was little to no change in water temperatures from before to after the storm passing, on the Cortez side of the Cape we were seeing 78-80 degrees, due south we saw 76 degree water and on the Pacific side we had 74-75 degree water. The most obvious change was in the swells, of course! Any time a hurricane forms in our area we see an increase in the swells.

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