Cabo Fish Report for March 1 – 8, 2015

Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report

March 1, 2015 – March 8, 2015

WEATHER: Unlike those of you living in the north, our weather remained very comfortable this week. Our daily highs were in the mid to high 80’s and the nighttime lows averaged 67 degrees with a low in town of 62 degrees. The wind shifted during the week, coming from the northwest at the start of the week and then shifting and coming from the northeast mid-week and then back from the northwest again at the end of the week. Starting mid-week we had cloud cover move in which put the sunbathers in a bad mood but was great for fishing.

WATER: On the Pacific side we were seeing water temperatures range from 72 degrees at the San Jaime and Golden Gate Bank to 71 degrees right along the beach. On the Sea of Cortes side at the Gordo Banks it was 73/74 degrees while at the Cabrillo Seamount it was showing 75 degrees. Off of Gray Rock it was 74 degrees and that temperature as well at the 95 Spot. There was a spot of cooler, slightly off color water between Cabo and San Jose at 72 degrees and about 5-10 miles offshore. To the south of the Cape we had 75-76 degree water. The water on the Pacific side and to the south has become progressivly cleaner and bluer as the week has progressed.

BAIT: Bait has been almost all Green Jacks and Caballito but some of the boats have had frozen Ballyhoo and all these have been at $3 each.


BILLFISH: Billfish have been scarce this past week as the water temperatures are finally adjusting to our winter conditions. It has been colder than the Blue and Black Marlins prefered range so few of them were seen or hooked, and while normally we see lots of Striped Marlin right now, the bait has not arrived in any quantity, and these fish follow the bait. Not to say they are not out there, boats are getting a shot almost every day, and some boats multiple shots, but we are not getting the intense concentrations we are used to. Perhaps it will begin soon. Boats that have been getting Striped Marlin bites have been finding them to the north on the Pacific side, well past Migreino Beach, and the average has been one or two bites per trip. I went out last week due south 45 miles looking for tuna and we jumped a Swordfish, a decent size one, but saw no other billfish.

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