Cabo Fish Report April 7 ­to April 12, 2015

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
April 7 – 12, 2015

WEATHER: It feels as if we are coming into a summer weather pattern, at least for this week. Last week our lows were in the low 70’s but this week they have increased a bit every day. Friday the low was 75 degrees at 6 AM, Saturday it was at 76 degrees and this morning it was 77 degrees. The daytime highs have ranged between 90 and 94 degrees All of this is warmer than it has been the last several years, and along with the heat has come increased humidity. I have no idea if this is an indicator of things to come, but I am surprised. We had partly cloudy skies this week and the weather services were calling for a decent chance of rain on Friday, this was changed to Saturday and then to Sunday. Being at the tip of the peninsula we have no idea if it will ever happen as conditions can change so rapidly.
WATER: The water on the Pacific side of the Cape continues to be warmer than normal with most areas showing 73-74 degrees along the beach and just a half degree cooler offshore. On the Cortez side of the Cape the water is showing at 76-77 degrees with an occasional spot of 78 degrees. Both sides of the Cape have decently clean water but the currents on the Pacific side are roaring along strongly from the northwest while on the Cortez side they are weak and from the north east, basicly both are following the contours of the land. The weak currents on the Cortez side appear to be the remnants of the Pacific currents as they loop around the Cape and form a weak circular pattern between us and the East Cape.

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