Cabo Fish Report April 13 ­to April 19, 2015

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
April 13 – 19, 2015

WEATHER: What a great week we had! With daytime lows ranging from 68 to 73 degrees and the daytime highs from 78 to 87 degrees it was comfortable all the time. We had a bit of cloud cover during Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday but since the winds never did get too strong it was still nice out. Everyone thought for a while that we might get some rain due to the clouds, but they were high and moving so nothing dropped on us.

WATER: The water this week did not change from what we were seeing last week as far as temperatures go with the Pacific side showing at 73 degrees within 4 to 5 miles of the beach, dropping to 71-72 degrees farther out than that. Also, the water close to the beach was a bit off color compared to the cooler water offshore. On the Cortez side of the Cape the water is showing at 76-77 degrees with an occasional spot of 78 degrees, and the water is a bit cleaner than on the Pacific side. The currents have weakened a bit and that plume of cool water that extended from the tip of the Cape towards the southeast has started to collapse and warm a bit, as well as drift a bit to the west, most likely due to the weaker currents.

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