Bad Medicine’s Fishing Report September 2013

The most exciting time of year is upon us here in Cabo. The water is at its warmest, and along with the 85-degree water come the Blue Marlin. And with the Blue (and Black) Marlin come the largest fishing tournaments in the world! The docks are already humming with excitement.

All species are now present. 5-10 Billfish bites per day are common. The waters are THICK with Striped Marlin. We have had some monster Blues on the Bad Medicine, including an approximately 400 lb fish taking 4 hours 50 minutes to land on light tackle! We have landed three others over 300 lbs. We are fishing almost daily now, and 3-4 Striped Marlin and a few shots at Sailfish are common. This is in addition to many Dorado bites and Tuna whenever we venture out further. Throw in the occasional Wahoo and the saying “you never know what will happen in September – October on the water in Cabo” proves as true as ever!  Phenomenal fishing right now to say the least.

As fall progresses, things will only get better. The Tuna are already showing well and Captain Bernie’s expertise on using the “kite” to catch the mature fish out of the school is deadly. We have already landed a few fish over 150 lbs and the season is just starting! We have also seen Dorado up to 70 lbs this year, as well as Wahoo over 100 lbs.

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