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Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report of May 2 to May 10, 2016

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 5/2/16 to 5/10/16
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3 Sharks and 3 Marlin in One Day!

Inshore Action is Sierra and Small Tuna!!

Bottom Fishing: Sheepshead and Grouper!!

Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going!

Fishing has Been Exactly Like This?

Try Everything and Move Around a Lot!

And You Will Catch Fish?

Weather is Great!!

Wahoo Still Here!!

3 Sharks and 3 Marlin in One Day

How to Cook Rooster Fish: Inside info!

Warm Weather Setting in?

Many Rooster Fish Recipes Inside?

JC Stuns Community with “The Marlin Chronicles”?

Chris Shouted: JC, and I Wrote “The Chronicles” !

Fish Report Boy says: JC, and “The Marlin Chronicles” is Pure Lies!!

JamieB says: JC, and Classified Documents, Not a Chance!

Darrel says: JC Body Slammed his Grandmother Once, but “Marlin Chronicles”!

The Brits says: JC is a Cream Puff, not a Spy. “Marlin Chronicles” Good Lord!



HEADLINES: May 10, 2016:

JC, the self proclaimed atheist of Marlin and a communist Bluegill sympithisor has stunned the community with, we think false reports, of some, so called highly classified documents floating around called “The Marlin Chronicles”. Reports of these shady documents continue to stun the Marlin world. Marlin magazine reports: that JC, and slithering Chris, as they called him in the article? were trading in arms for Marlin hostages being held in Baja.



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Pisces Weekly Fish Report April 30 to May 3, 2016


APRIL 30th to MAY 6th, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 99%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 49%, Sharks 73%, Other 46%


BILLFISH: We’re back! Finally after months of small game fishing we saw a return this week to the big stuff. We were pleased to see more consistent billfish catches and even multiple marlin catches for some boats. At the start of the week the hot boat was the Hot Rod as they released three striped marlin up to 150 LBS and SIX pilot sharks up to 130 LBS all caught at the 11.50 spot by Kevin Bremer, James Snyder, Pamela Snyder, Jesse Jernigan & Sam Jernigan – a pretty busy days for these lucky anglers. Our 35 ft. Cabo Listo celebrated 5 de Mayo in style as they also released three striped marlin and released a large pilot shark for a group of Mexican anglers from Monterey, mainland Mexico. Another boat with more than one marlin was Pisces 31ft Bertram La Brisa; they released two striped marlin at the 11.50 spot for the Collins and Lancers from Maryland, who also did well to release an 180 LB pilot shark and a 110 LB thresher shark. Forty nine percent of our charters caught marlin this week, not fantastic, but definitely on the road to recovery with a total of 23 marlin released this week.


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GORDO BANKS PANGAS Fish Report to May 6, 2016

San Jose del Cabo

Anglers –

May 6, 2016

Only moderate crowds now visiting the Los Cabos area, despite weather being ideal, high temperatures were ranging up near 90 degrees, but still comfortable with the prevalent breezes, noting like the heat index that we feel mid-summer. Last weekend we saw winds pick back up, actually starting out of the north, then switching from the south, as two fronts were colliding, then the new week started out nice, though once again later in the week the wind patterns were sporadic, water clarity also deteriorated compared to how clean it had been. Not that unusual to see these rapidly changing conditions, this can be the on and off pattern now into July, when the ocean environment becomes more stable.

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